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Standup Pouches

We offer Stand Up Pouches that are made available in different sizes, styles as well as color options. Further, these standard stand up pouches are available in clear, plain solid colors as well as with kraft and one sided clear/one sided color options. Other than this, we also offer metalized stand up bags for shiny/glossy look and with rounded corners. Some other options include Windowed Stand Up Pouches for providing solid color look as well as sneak peek of what's inside and Snack Pack Stand Up Pouches. We also have extensive experience in offering Customized Standup Pouches that provide high visibility to product on supermarket shelf.

Stand Up Zipper Pouches

Stand Up Zipper Pouches offered have emerged as a staple in flexible packaging option for different industry sectors. Coming with great shelf display abilities, the rich collection available provides customers expansive selection as well as helps in providing increased options for package design. The wide array of stand up pouches also makes these extremely easy to customize in terms of valve location as well as label placement which we provide through our convenient labeling service. Further, these stand up pouches also come with or without degassing valves so as to suit customer’s specific packaging needs. These zipper pouches are also available in different sizes and colors including availability in different paper laminates. The available zip closures as well as hang holes also help in providing added convenience in the field of retail marketing while remaining economical solutions compared to rigid packaging applications.

Spouted Pouches

Spouted Pouches are particularly offered for dashboard snacks and cater to the needs of market segments that require creative packaging solutions. We ensure the use of latest technology standard that make these suitable for everyday products like icings, sauces, baby foods, fruit purees, pudding and many other food and beverage products. Providing functionality as Standup Pouches, these come with spout in 8mm, 15mm, 22mm diameters which make these ideal for liquid as well as powder packaging for easy pouring. Further, these are easy to use, pour and refill the pack..

Plain Un-Printed Stand Up Pouches

Plain Un-Printed Stand Up Pouches come with PS Labels that can be printed in short runs as well as can also be affixed to unprinted stand up pouches which in turn allows flexibility when introducing a new product in the market. These pouches are made from quality material that ensure high durability and longer shelf life. Highly demanded in the market, these pouch varieties can be made available in different sizes and designs as desired by the customers.

Center Sealed Pouches

Center Sealed Pouches find usage when there is the requirement of packing the items with thickness. These are used specially in food and chemical packaging applications where it requires the capability to withstand high and low temperatures. Further, the flexible packaging material is also provided with center seal that helps in keeping packed material safe from possible contaminants like air, moisture and other external factors that can hamper the quality of the packed item.

Three Side Sealed Pouches

Three Side Sealed Pouches are used for all kinds of products including cookies, sweets, medicated patch, facial mask and others. Further, these range of 3-Side Seal Pouches are also ideal for packing consumer food products like rice, lentils, frozen foods, spices and other products. These bag varieties are preferred for providing high visibility on shelf at supermarket and also at the same time also help in delivering extended shelf life to foods and other products packed inside.

Profile Shaped Pouches

Profile Shaped Pouches are flexible stand up pouches that can be made into different shapes with/without applying fitments or dispensers. This provide a distinctive look and create an attractive product appeal when the product is displayed on supermarket shelf. Its construction using multi-ply lamination also assures superior product quality and preservation of the products packed inside. Some of the areas where flexible pouches find suitability include dry or liquid applications and are made available with optional features like fitments, zippers, handles or tear notches which also encourage end-user convenience.

High Barrier Aluminium Foil Pouches

High Barrier Aluminium Foil Pouches are constructed using 3-ply, adhesive laminated material with aluminum foil option. Here, the use of aluminum foil helps in providing high oxygen as well as moisture barrier properties with layer of Polyester (PET) providing superior abrasion, tear and puncture resistance for package as well as protection from scuffing for ink systems that are reverse printed on it. Other than this, the presence of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) also helps the packaging with high strength, and heat-sealing properties.

Vacuum Packaging Pouches

Vacuum Packaging Pouches are quality constructed vacuum pouches that can be made available by us in different choices of designs, shapes, sizes as well as attractive color combinations. Further, the vacuum packaging pouch assortment is available at leading prices and finds use for packing foods and engineering products for achieving higher shelf life as well as rust proof packaged finish to the products.

High Transparent Pouches

High Transparent Pouches are pouches that feature high tensile strength and come with reasonable transparency for clarity purposes. They are extensively used in food and beverage industry, the range of transparent pouches can also be customized on basis of dimensions as well as colors as per the specific requirements of the customers.

Specialty Pouches For Frozen Foods

Specialty Pouches for Frozen Foods find usage in meeting the packing needs of frozen food using automated Form, Fill and Seal (FF&S) film machines. Here, our expertise lies in offering these packaging in both standard as well as custom printed finish in up to 10 colors and can also get these printed on both sides of poly plastic packaging bag up to 48 in. The packaging also offers benefits of stable vertical presentation thus ensuring consumer attention as well as the product getting strong recognition in vertical freezer cabinets.

Laminated Packaging Bags

Bags offered with material structure being PET/NY/PE,PET/PE. This is mainly suited for use in Agriculture industry, especially in the packaging of rice, sugar and flour. Featuring moisture proof finish, these bags can also be offered with Gravure printing based surfaces that can be offered in up to 8 color choices, thus facilitating attractive finish demands. The bags also feature heat sealing based sealing & handle that allows for durable usage value.

Bags For Agro Chemicals & Pesticides

Bags For Agro Chemicals & Pesticides meet the packaging needs of specialized products like pesticides that require special production techniques to be taken into consideration due to peculiar characteristics of the products. These pesticide bags feature use of special polypropylene material that protects the packed products like agro products from getting damp, radiated by UV rays as well as leakage possibilities. These bags also find usage in packing products like ingredients of pet food & dairy, chemical fertilizers, bird seed, agricultural seeds and other agro ingredients.

Bags For Coffee Pouches With Valves

Bags for Coffee Pouches with Valves are a must when it comes to packing of coffee. These installed one-way degassing valve allow roasters in packing freshly roasted coffee immediately without issues of bags getting busted open due to trapped air as the unique construction of these bags releases gas and continue to do so for up to 7 days. Further, while releasing the gas, these also prevent the entry of air inside that helps in maintaining the freshness of the products.

Roll Form Laminates For FFS Machines

Roll Form Laminates for FFS Machines offered comprises printed and laminated films that are made available in roll form which can be used for FFS machines used for packing in Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food, Agro and other industry sectors. These are made available in BOPP material and find extensive use in food packaging applications. The packaging is also suitable to pack different kind of foods like cookies, candy, dried fruit and other products.

Pet Food Packaging

Pet Food Packaging solutions are designed and manufactured using quality material so as to provide a durable finish to the packaging. Further, our rich industry expertise also allows us to offer these pet food packaging pouches in variety of designs, shapes, sizes and color options. Further, the Pet food packaging pouch assortment offered is available at competitive prices.

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